Reception DJ + MC

$2,350 - minimum charge for an event.

- DJ Lucas London will be your DJ
- Detailed event timing and musical planning with Lucas.
- Up to 5 hours of MCing (announcing and engaging with your guests) as well as party mixing your music.
- Setup and breakdown are included and not a part of the 5 hours.
Includes a 10,000 watt professional sound system.
- 8 battery powered up lights that can be used as dance lighting later in the evening.
- Back-up equipment on site.

We plan the details of the wedding timeline together as well as brainstorm music via playlists and Spotify.

Factors affecting additional pricing:

1. Multiple locations. If we are having dinner in one room and partying in another and music and/or microphones are needed in both. $75 per additional speaker and $50 per additional microphone.
2. Intelligent lighting. 4 moving heads and 4 pars all linked together to work in perfect sync with the music. Super fun. $500. This includes creating custom light shows for up to 5 songs you pick.
3. Physically demanding or time sensitive load-ins. Some venues (one in thirty) have very limited available time slots for setting-up or can have some
very physically challenging load ins. For these I hire a helper. Helpers cost me $200 #heavylifting
4. Travel distance. I travel up to 30 miles from Asheville, NC, for free. After that I request $0.50 per mile round-trip outside of the 30 mile radius. For example, Charlotte NC is 130 miles from Asheville. That’s 100 miles there and 100 miles back to the outer edge of my home radius. (200 x .50) = $100 for travel to Charlotte, NC.

Other example city travel costs:

Greenville, SC (64 miles): $34 travel
Knoxville, TN (116 miles): $86
Greensboro, NC (173 miles): $143
Atlanta, GA (208 miles): $178
Raleigh, NC (247 miles): $217
Charleston, SC (268 miles): $238

If you’re 34 miles away from Asheville I’m not going to charge you two dollars for travel but you get the idea.

6. Accommodations. I travel long distances in an RV with a trailer so I typically do not need accommodations before or after the event. I may or may not request lodging for the evening dependent mainly upon the venue. If a wedding is more than 100 miles from Asheville I always arrive in that city the day before the wedding. Never driving on the same day.

Ceremony Audio: $350 - $600

Most ceremonies are $350.
This includes all of your ceremony music. Most ceremonies use one (1) microphone for their officiant. This mic will pick up my bride and groom as well.
Additional potential costs:
Wireless microphone(s): $50 each
Extra satellite speaker: $75 each
Run-quiet generator/battery (for ceremonies with no power): $75

Up Lighting: $20 per additional light beyond the 8 included in the reception package.

Deposit - Lucas requests a flat $500 deposit to book and hold a calendar date.

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